Course Objectives / Profile of the professional to be formed:

In terms of objectives, the Master in Education and Culture aims to:

- To stimulate, to constitute and to strengthen theoretical, methodological and practical accumulations in the themes of the two Lines of Research: Basic Education, Technologies, Work and Social Movements in the Amazon; Education, Culture and Language through teaching and research activities on education and culture, based on studies focused on problems arising from public policies and their repercussions on national and regional problems, in view of the needs of intellectual and social development of the Amazon Region;

- Educate and train academically researchers, teachers, managers and pedagogical agents who contribute to qualify the knowledge and educational practices with a view to strengthening basic, indigenous, environmental and quilombola education in the Amazon region;

- Encourage and strengthen investigative actions established by CAPES, promoting the exchange between the different financing and development agencies, as well as sectors and segments of the region, aiming at producing knowledge that contribute to the improvement of educational quality, both in the school context, and in non-formal spaces;

- Generate spaces for reflections and investigations on educational theories, practices and policies that may contribute to the proposal of new perspectives of action, primarily in the context of school education without, however, disregarding other significant forms of (non-formal) educational action Amazon context;

- Promote, based on the establishment of agreement and research protocol, signed with universities and Brazilian and foreign study centers, national and international insertion, making possible promotions of scientific events with the participation of researchers and guests. As for the profile of the professional to be formed, the Master in Education and Culture aims to train professionals with an academic profile and with competence to lead and manage research on Basic Education, Technologies, Work and Social Movements in the Amazon, Education, Culture and Language. scientifically apt, ethical and sensitive with regard to the social repercussions of their research.

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